Current Owner Search

  • Searching for the details of the present title holder of the subject property and latest Deed with consideration.
  • Search done from the current date backward by capturing details like visiting deed, Current Tax status, county assessment information, open mortgages, judgments, liens, and legal description for Home Equity transactions, short sale, foreclosure auctions, and pre-tax auctions.
  • The length of search that is defined by state statute as the applicable statutory period required for marketable title or the customary standard in the state where the property is located.
  • The search should include all names in the chain of title and should report liens and judgments for all owners, current and past. The names must be run for general liens, such as judgments and federal tax liens, for the full statutory period applicable for the state.

Two Owner search

  • Two-Owner search Title search is for the last two owners in the chain of title of the subject property.
  • In addition, all defects, liens and encumbrances specifically referred to in the documents revealed in the search must be reported as exceptions, unless properly disposed of.
  • A search that goes back to the two FVD and each deed in the chain that was recorded since the FVD must be reviewed to verify that the title passes to the current owner and two owners of record.

Full Search

  • Detailed full Title search on Current and Previous owners.
  • The search includes all defects, liens, and encumbrancesspecifically referred to in the documents revealed in the search must be reported as exceptions, unless properly disposed of.
  • Includes searches related to property lien, easements, CC&Rs-Covenants, conditions and restrictions, agreements, and resolutions, and ordinances that affect real property.We also do historical searches up to 50 years for additional pricing.

Update Search

  • Update search on the subject property from the date of the last search to the current date.
  • Providing report on all the documents posted and recorded during the period.
  • All necessary or customary ancillary searches applicable to the property type and location shall be performed and reported.
  • Example of ancillary searches include but are not limited to housing or building code enforcement, personal property tax, and municipal lien and traffic adjudication searches.

Deed Search

  • To check The Full Value Deed to Start the Search, and to provide Chain of Title.
  • Deeds are records of land ownership and transactions.
  • They can date back to before the American Revolution.
  • Deeds are useful to genealogists, those buying and selling land, and those wishing to find information about particular times or events.

Mortgage & Deed of Trust

  • Checking Open Mortgages/ Deed of Trust related to given property, and additional Document which include Assignment, Modification, Subordination of Trustee, and upload the search docs in the file.
  • Deeds were recorded in a central place, according to law. This location differed from state to state.
  • The list of owners in succession is called the chain of title.
  • Trying to reconstruct the chain of title by searching through the deed is called a title search.

Judgments search

  • To check if there is any judgments against the borrower by using the and uploads the search docs in the file.
  • Search each owner who has had any ownership interest in the properly during the post 10 years. Pay special attention to cancelled monetary judgments or federal tax liens against current or priorowners, claims of lien against the subject property.

Liens search

  • Verify if there are any closed lien showing on title and request for release/Paid in full letter.
  • Requesting judgment payoffs.

Bankruptcy Search

  • To check if there is any bankruptcy filed against the borrower by using the PACER site and upload the search docs in the file.
  • Using bankruptcy records in employment screening must comply with federal sates.
  • Signed candidate release forms are required before conducting any background check, further states have begun restricting access to credit report information with a few exceptions.

Latest Tax status for the property

  • We provide comprehensive solutions on real estate Tax information for insured and uninsured products with a widespread coverage in the United States and quick turn
  • Tax exemption is the monetary exemptions of persons, property, income, or transactions from taxes that would otherwise be levied on them.
  • Tax-exempt status can provide complete relief from taxes, reduces rates, or tax on only portion of items.

Municipal Lien Tax Search

  • We provide full Title property Tax search which includes all Tax Lien from county office and current and prior Year Tax Status.
  • If client is thinking about purchasing a property in Florida, particularly a foreclosure or a short sale, they should be advised to perform a municipal lien search.
  • You need to be aware of municipal liens and the super-priority of tax liens.

Title commitment Typing

Our commitment Typing includes :

  1. Document review and typing.
  2. Tax status search and typing.
  3. Commitment preparation.
  4. Document search and retrieval.
  5. Title plant development and maintenance.
  6. Mortgage files post-closing audits.
  7. Hazard policy tracking.
  8. On-line real estate market research/mail list preparation.
  9. UCC database maintenance.